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Friday, November 9, 2007

Earth & Sky

Up here from outer space
don't see any borders
don't see any boundaries
can feel mother earth's grace
infinitesimal, we all are brothers
sharing common ground amidst the seas

Have come closer still
am unable to spot italy
but able to pick rome's light
alas! the notoriety of human will
conjuring walls invisible & plenty
ours' a very sorrowful plight

Screeeech...............rubber on asphalt
ah! i see them many
reception after an astral roam
yuppy..............heart's on a pole vault
naah, they, not tan,ivory or ebony
but we, siblings in this one earthly home

Down here from earth i stare
i see them the stars twinkle
i see the moon among cloudy caravans
can feel father sky's care
constellated, they are children simple
sharing common sky amidst the heavens

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