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Sunday, June 29, 2008

EYEZ AGE - Take a look

A lot of water has flowed isn't it?

Since, we began as an ape, either with or without the tail. First, we directed all our energies, towards that primal instinct - survival. Careful there. Instinct is the word used.
It was a pure body related thing.Gradually, as we became more vertical than horizontal and reached that climax called biped, it was sheer delirium. That was the flag off by evolution for the next stage of our ride - instinct handing over reins to intuition.

We were now in the mind zone. Intuition galvanized our grey matter and made us gladiators coveting glory in the greatest arena housed within the prime real estate - the cranium. One thing, sort of, led us to another. More laurels, more olive wreaths, more podium poses. Until,the ground beneath the podiums began to shake. Until, the head sporting the olive wreath began to shudder. Until, the chest thumping harder in the embrace of a medal began to quiver in morbid uncertainty. Every time we used our head to gain a place over the rest of the creation, we forgot to do something.

We forgot to look.
We forgot to watch.
We forgot to see.
No, not without the physical eyes. An eagle has a thousand times sharper look.Yet we managed to tame it. No, not without the mind's eyes.We had looked with the mind's eye and arrived this far, to the apex of evolution. We forgot to look with the eyez that make us feel - the heart. You see, given the body's physical eyes and the mind's thinking eyes, we were and are tragically, still, blind.

Here's a truth revelation test.
Think of the top five worst troubles, we, the human kind are facing.?Almost all will turn out to be 'man-made'.See the truth.So much for our gloating over our physical eyes or aggrandizing over our mental vision. But, that's the not end of story. For as long as the pulse ticks within skin, as life dances within anatomy and as the thump parties in physicality, there's this one set of eyez, that has the gift of ushering the impossible,announcing the unbelievable and gifting you the unthinkable - immortality.

So, welcome to EYEZ AGE. Take a close look. Not without. But within. Realize where the 'REAL-LIES' and come to terms with the wonderful discovery - that pure selfless love is not merely a fancy phrase or an utopian utterance or a whimsical wish. Its not even a distant possibility but a discernable reality and a distinct inevitability. Not convinced.Thanks for that disbelief. That's a great first step taken.No, seriously,I mean it. Here's the beginning of the answer:

Take a close watch to our introduction to the world. Look closely at the eyes of the just 'from heaven fedexed' delivery - a baby.
Does your physical self feel life threatened?
No.So your physical eyes feast on it.

What are the thoughts in your mind?
Great or good thoughts.Wow! what great eyes. How cute? So, your mental vision is feasting too.

And your heart?
Well its partying too.

You don't definitely feel this state when you a see a grown up person.Do you?

There's doubt,suspicion and much of mental seismic tremors.Reason.

When the 'heaven fedexed courier' is delivered, it sees the world very little with its physical eyes or hardly with its mental eyes. It drinks in and pours out at the same time with the eyez of its heart. Thankfully,we have a small equivalent in the English language for it. INNOCENCE.

But as things stand, we let our contrived existence with its overt emphasis on the 'pseudo' eyes, do the damage. But that's where the solution will spring up too. For just as we graduated from seeing from our physical eyes to our mind's eyes. The time will come, even if by sheer unavoidability, when we will have to and we will, graduate to seeing with the heart's eyes.And when it happens, one thing is sure. We will curse our stupidity - why the hell did we decide to walk on fire when we could have cruised on the waters or easier still, glided in the air and reached home to the heavens - one living,loving family.

So,thatz what the EYEZ AGE is all about - ushering the vision of innocence, the age of unsullied existence.
Watch this space. Its rented by the heart. Yours,mine..................OURS. Things will work out the best as we begin taking the baby steps to becoming the babies, albeit, in innocence.

As the Big B baritoned in Bangkok:

If not this world......................WHERE?
If not this now.........................WHEN?
If not you..................................WHO?

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