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Friday, June 20, 2008



You had probably noticed me
Seeking brecciation
From rules, liberty
From boundaries, liberation

I cursed the rules
Went to sleep
Beloved,you entered my dreams
Began to speak

You said,
"RDX, Rules Don't Exist"
I challenged you
"That's all bull ****"

You showed me a little bird
Taking up to the skies
And you put a word
"Tell me, do you see gravity in its eyes?"

You took me to a flower

Helping me enjoy its fragrance

"The air is invisible", you said

"But does the flower smell of disbelief of its presence?"

You directed me to a distant star, its twinkle
Making me give a smile, linking the ears
You got back to me
"Do you think it buys too much into light years?"

You bent, picking up some soil
"What about this earth, this ground?
Would we have the seasons, if it thought
That big fellas can't go around?"

We then rested
Besides this big, huge tree
"Would this fella ever have grown up
If its life felt intimidated by the seed?"

Then I felt an ich-sizch
A colorful butterfly on my feet
You went on, " Would it be here.
If the larvae thought that was it?"

I now interrupted you
"Beloved," I began the reasoning
"But these are natural progressions"
You looked, thinking.I needed more seasoning

You began in earnest
"Natural progressions.Ummm
Every rule is one too
Till one gets the song, one has to hum"

"The hums fade
As words begin to rain
The rules vanish
As love begins its reign"

"Love?," I asked
Building up my incredulity
"Yes," you replied
"Thats the ultimate reality"

"Gravity is lost
To the bird taking flight
When, it discovers
Its LOVE for the skies."

"Seemingly,rules exist
And, we ought to - Love the rules
But they vanish, when dawns the moment
Until Love Rules."

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sai said...

grrr8 subbu. keep up ur Love for creativity and ability to make others think...