On the Anvil


Thursday, April 3, 2008


Looking there, are We
Wonder wanderlusts
Into that yonder wilderness -
Inviting, Enticing
Harboring in its allure
A promise garden
Of our blossomed dreams

And should we,
Spare a moment
For second thoughts
Into seeking alternate trails
Arrives, arresting our conscious
Aromatic summons exuding existence
Wilderness issued, drawing us into its inevitability

As we commence
Early steps these
Amidst certain uncertainty
Feel we do
Hope, angst
Of parting with the known
Departing into the unknown

Having further gone
Arrive we here,
A tower, its reception that beckons.
Dressed to tread
Ready to head
Into our aspirations’ soil
Theory graduating to practice

Time will fly
Swift as swift
Threats peeping on this wilderness trek -
Prolonged winters,
Barren fall, Scorching summers.
Seasons will pass, but spring will last
Watch out, if we, for that “one set of footprints”

Ever-bearing, ever caring

Him, the Deliverer of our dreams
Our deliverance
Him, the Catalyst
Unchanging Love
Amidst this unfolding trek

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