On the Anvil


Friday, April 4, 2008


(Mother Cauvery's [the river] caution to us in these violent times)


Children of the same mother (Mother India)
Patriotism’s selfless arrangement
Yet, somehow contriving to author
A chapter endorsing estrangement

Bravo! These hallowed endeavors of violence
Perfectly tuned to the pulls of powers nefarious
Pray, stray not beyond common sense
No! Don’t be led into insanity’s abyss

An epidemic it will unleash
Claims if made, that far surpass the need
Hatred it will be, that vicious disease
On offering services to induced greed

Absconding, they may be the rains
Serving sentences ordered by the weather
Why pledge, at such junctures, thy brains
Doctored by 'polytricks', to revile one another (Politics => Poly-tricks)

Tongues diverging in language
Converging in satiating thirst
Wow! Do you smell the sabotage?
Former vs. latter lined up by vested interest.

Sure, you do understand
A throat in droughty burn
Come on, lend thy helping hand
To your drought hit brethren

Halt; will you, dear children, this bicker?
Hoping from narrow-mindedness you will break free
If not, red will flow a far wider river [red => blood river]
This moment on, reason if you fail to see.

And if ye think you can own me
Very sorry, little ones
Journeying across land, greeting the sea
Vaporizing, I truly belong to the heavens

PS: Praying for a thirst & violent free future, are you listening Messrs.Politicians?

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