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Thursday, April 17, 2008


When a lover, the loved and love merge as ONE, you have it............the FULL CIRCLE


We beguneth together
in worlds above this hallowed ether
our souls, just One
splitteth then...all for some fun

racing across the hoary sky
us one, becoming thou and i
landing here, different places
standing here, different faces

fate casteth her dice
destiny hideth my eyes
as thou went hiding
& i, in thouth seeking

tis strangeth, huh
this game, here we've
eyes closed, i spy thou
open, thou r gone though

like dreams i knoweth
sleep's coveted one on showeth
dreams dare i give chase, me a suitor in hope
emptiness in waking, confirms sleep's elope

pity this rudderless minstrel
voicing his heart in yearning decibel
just..........just thou's face one smile
& its immortality for this imbecile

cometh out of the unknown
graceth this beggar, this clown
a simple melody, that ring of laughter
& then even heaven will not matter

so hereth, in hope's garden for thee i wait
thy victory to celebrate
here, as spring's aroma wafts the air
our oneness beckons, no moment to spare

for my life is taking the leap
& this body is heading to sleep
In thou's bosom, oneness we will reap
Love, hurry thou hath a promise to keep

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J.Kamesh said...

Wow well your making Algore run for his ....what ever it is!